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project finance management SaaS solution


why should you use fprojo

fprojo helps substantially increase project profitability and improve receivables collection


benefit from fprojo if you are


Professional b2b services:
•Project-based IT-services


2 to 50 employees

Business Model

the product consists of projects, being executed either by company’s employees or with external suppliers. End price is formed using man-hours rate cards, retainer or fixed per project price basis


fprojo modules

fprojo modules to make your projects more profitable

module 1: project finance

plan and control project profitability, bill clients, collect project  receivables, control project payables

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module 2: payroll

the tool that help you plan and keep record of your personnel expenses

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module 3: timesheet

the tool to track and control time of your personnel, spent on projects

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module 4: estimates

the tool to plan the workload of your personnel, working on projects and to plan and control your project profitability more thoroughly

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